This is from a friend of mine that has just had bad varicose veins during her pregnancy.

Oh, I have come to live with my varicose veins. Veins have swelled where I didn’t even know I had veins and my legs are so purple they look like an 80 year old’s. But, the Lord is good. That has really been my only problem this pregnancy so I really have nothing to complain about. I will tell you what has been the greatest blessing – and something I could not have done without this pregnancy – compression stockings. I have these super duper stockings that are so tight! Without them I could not stand for more than 30 minutes at a time. With them, I feel like super woman zipping around the house all day getting things done. They are really expensive ($115 a pair) so I had only two pair (now down to one that I’m hoping will last), but they have been well worth it.

There are various compression ratings for the stockings. So the same company that made mine also makes a very light compression stocking that falls into that price range, then I think there’s one or two more tiers (and price levels) before you get to the compression level that I needed. You can get my compression level for about $70 BUT they won’t last as long. Can you imagine putting a run in a $70 pair of pantyhose!! Yikes. So the ones I bought cost more, but they are more like tights than pantyhose and are harder to rip. My family has gotten used to me wearing them but they used to laugh at first because I seriously would break a sweat taking them on and off. But as I’ve said, they are a huge blessing!

I’ve purchased two brands. Mediven is the pair that I had all pregnancy. By the end I had two big holes in both upper thighs and they pilled horribly, but I wore them just about every day for 6 months and they did their job. I purchased their “comfort” series. The last pregnancy I purchased a pair from Sigvaris from their “select comfort” series. I didn’t wear them much last pregnancy, wore them in conjunction with the Mediven pair this pregnancy, but they gave out in the heal during my 7th month and were useless. So I think Mediven, for the same price, is a better brand.

These are the sites I have used. Both are owned, I believe, by the same company.

Thank you so much to my wonderful friend who is a great writer and has given us such valuable information!!

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